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Prayer as a Means of Achieving Happiness

Praying to and communing with your Creator is one of the best ways to be happy.  Study the scriptures or other holy teachings of your religious leader(s), and your spirit will be filled with the best thoughts than mankind has ever produced.  And knowing the answers to such age-old questions as who you are, who created you, why you are here on this planet, and what will happen after your time on Earth is over, will give you a peace of mind that . . .

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts govern our behavior and attitude, and affect our actions, our spirit, and the people around us. As our thoughts are, so are our lives, so we should be cautious with our thoughts, especially ideas that we frequently replicate.

Think of your thoughts as if they were a recording we play in the DVD player of our brains. What we play is what we view with our internal eyes. What we visualize in our brain is what we think of., and the thoughts that we repeatedly think mold our lives. So to make modifications in your life, try making modifications in your thought process. Eject that old DVD and play a new one that you like better!

The new mental video will sooner or later modify your behavior, actions, and attitude, and draw into your life people, situations, and events that match with your new thoughts. If you slip up once in while, don’t worry–an individual thought isn’t strong enough to cause a change, but if the same thought is replicated frequently, it eventually acquires force.

You are able to overpower habits and build new ones, develop new skills, and even alter your conditions and accomplish anything that you really want. The ability of thoughts can assist you in developing a new line of work, repair your relationships, pull in extra income, or otherwise improve your life.

All this doesn’t occur overnight, though. It takes time, and depends on how earnest you are in your efforts, and on how much time and concentration you put into your new way of thinking. This is mental work, but this doesn’t signify that you remain passive and wait for things to occur. You want to maintain an open mind and be willing to take action as necessary.

Decide what you desire to acquire or accomplish, and begin thinking of it frequently throughout the day, or at several particular times throughout the day.

These reoccurring thoughts will eventually get stronger, and bring in inner and outer modifications. The ability of ideas is real power. You’ve probably applied it numerous times without realizing it, but once you know how it operates and how to apply it consciously, you can acquire the ability to transform and improve your life.

Try it–you’ll be happier for doing so!

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