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Are you so tired and busy at the end of the day you’re slowly killing yourself with high-fat, high cholesterol fast food just to avoid cooking?  Are you struggling to eat the same old bland, boring meals that your wife or girlfriend slaps in front of you every night, but lack the courage to speak up?

Or do most of your meals come out of a box, can, or the freezer?  Have you tried cooking your own food in the past, but you messed up so horribly that you’re now afraid to step foot in the kitchen?  Would you like to save time and money, have more energy, feel healthy, stop feeling frustrated by food, and make your meals enjoyable again?


If so, read on . . .


Great meals have the power to tell stories, make us feel things, or even sexually excite us.    Good food doesn’t just fill our bodies.  It fills up our souls.  It makes us healthier.  It revitalizes and rejuvenates us.  Even after a terrible day at work, a great meal can make us feel like everything is alright in the world.


Home cooked meals (if done properly) can keep us from getting fat, malnourished, or even sick due to cancer causing chemical additives and preservatives contained in the junk we buy from fast food restaurants or grocery store freezers.  But we continue to eat crappy fast food even though we know how bad it is for us. Why?  Because it’s easy and it’s cheap . . . or so we think.


But cooking tasty and healthy food doesn’t have to be hard or expensive or only for those trained in culinary school.  In fact, it SHOULDN’T be.


Thankfully “Mountain Man Gourmet” Lawrence J. Clark is here to rescue you with his new book, Recipes for Real Men (And the Women who Love Them!): Delicious, Low-Cost Gourmet Cuisine Even an Idiot Can CookWhether you think you’re a terrible cook, or you’ve never cooked a meal in your life, it doesn’t matter.  Your cooking success is guaranteed.  It’s written so that even a novice cook can become a Michelin star master, and it will become your secret weapon in the kitchen.  In no time at all, you’ll find yourself creating shockingly good meals that will leave your wife, your girlfriend, and your buddies asking you just how you did it.


And you?

You’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear knowing just how easy it was.



A real man protects and provides for his woman and his family, and he isn’t pretentious. He sees beauty in the simplicity of a perfectly seared New York Strip Steak with a Baked Potato, yet is adventurous enough to try a Spicy Shrimp Curry with Jasmine Rice and Fresh Basil.  He makes recipes his whole family loves, and has them begging for more.


He hates even the thought of “foofoo food.”  We’ve all seen restaurants that charge $100 for a plate that comes out with a couple of thin slices of meat or fish, three peas, and a teaspoon of some odd-looking sauce on it.  If you give that to a guy’s guy, it doesn’t matter how well the meat is cooked or how fresh the peas are, or where they’re from, or how they were prepared.  He’s going to know he’s been ripped off, and he’s going to tell everyone about it.  Loudly.


A Real Man is a man of substance, and his food reflects that.  His meals are hearty, tasty, and nutritious, and they leave everybody satisfied.  And no matter who is doing the cooking, when a real man eats a real meal, he finishes his plate.  Because it’s just that good.


This holiday season, I’m inviting you to return back to a time when everyone sat at the dinner table together, and ate like kings, and loved every second of it.





Here’s what you’ll get when you order today:


– A Sturdy, Gorgeously Crafted Physical Copy “Recipes for Real Men (And the Women who Love Them!): Delicious, Healthy, Low-Cost Gourmet Cuisine Even an Idiot Can Cook”  ($29 value)


(Picture of book)


People often ask me why I don’t I sell ebooks.  Why?  Because real men use real books, and don’t ruin their tablets and phones by getting food on them in the kitchen.  Besides, the kids are usually hogging them anyway.


But in addition to this amazing cookbook, you’ll also get two special bonuses for buying your significant other this great gift for the holiday season.


BLACK FRIDAY BONUS 1: The 4-Spice Variety Pack of Mountain Man Essential Gourmet Spices ($23.96 value)


A dish without spices is like a life without sex. Sure, you can make it… but what’s the point?


– “The Magic Bullet Frozen Pizza Blend”

This super secret spice blend completely transforms the bland, store bought taste of any frozen pizza in mere seconds.  Every home should have this.


– “The Go Go Green Chile Spice Blend”

This staple of the southwest is perfect for any spicy recipe that needs an extra kick in the butt to excite your tongue.  Proceed with caution!


– “The Hot Chocolate Christmas Mix”

Nothing is better than warm cocoa at Christmas with the people you love.  Mix it in milk and add marshmallows for a taste your kids will actually behave for.


– “The Greek Gods Blend”

Bring the exotic taste of the Mediterranean to your table with this perfect complement to Pork, Chicken, or Fish.  It’s so tasty it could satisfy Zeus himself.


BLACK FRIDAY BONUS 2: Free 60-day membership to the Mountain Man Gourmet “Recipes for Real Men” Club ($19.97/mo. value)


Members have access to recipe and video archives, live monthly video cooking lessons, and one free spice pack per month mailed to your home.  If you thought the spices above sounded good, wait until you try my Salacious Seared Steak Rub, my Old New Mexico Coffee Mix, or my Captivating Cajun Creations Seasoning! Author’s Note: (Got rid of the K’s for obvious reasons)


BLACK FRIDAY BONUS 3:  Free Holiday gift wrapping and shipping! ($5.99 value)


Real men don’t have time to wrap presents!  Heck, real women don’t have any time either. So each Mountain Man Gourmet Real Man’s X-Mas Gift Pack is beautifully wrapped and packaged with a free gift card and (up to 100 word) message of your choice.  It comes right to your door, and is ready to put under the tree.


The total value of the book and all three bonuses is normally $98.89.  But order today, and you’ll get a physical copy of the “Recipes for Real Men” Cookbook, 4 Mountain Man Essential Gourmet Spices, and a 2 month Membership to the Mountain Man Gourmet “Recipes for Real Men” Club… ALL FOR THE PRICE OF THE BOOK ALONE.


That’s everything, including FREE shipping and complimentary Gift Wrapping, for ONLY $29.


I guarantee that if you purchase “Recipes for Real Men (And the Women who Love Them!): Delicious, Healthy, Low-Cost Gourmet Cuisine Even an Idiot Can Cook” today, you’ll experience a new level of joy in your nightly meals that you’ll never want to go back.  In fact, I’m so confident in my recipes that {details of guarantee}.




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