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Recipe 1: Christmas Skillet Breakfast

Sun Side Up Breakfast SkilletOk, so it’s Christmas morning–you wake up early, the kids are tearing through the wrapping paper, everybody’s havin’ a good ole time, but then your stomach starts to grumble.

What to do?

Shop at!

Well, I guess you could, but even with one-day shipping the whole clan would be clamoring for their breakfast way before it got there.

And you don’t want to ask your wife to cook something, because since you were such a cheapskate on her presents last year you’re trying to be extra nice this morning to make up for it.

Pancakes? Frozen waffles?

Naw . . . this is a special day, and you need to make something festive and decorative for the occasion.

I know–how about cooking up a batch of LJ’s Christmas Skillet Breakfast?

Here’s the quick and easy recipe:

  • In a large skillet (preferably cast iron) slowly brown some chopped up sweet potatoes and russet potatoes in some corn oil and a little butter for extra flavor. Brown them SLOWLY and stir often for even cooking and tasty, crunchy exterior.
  • When they are about 3/4 done, toss in some Bermuda (red) onion and garlic.
  • Stir a few times and cook for a while longer, then toss in some mushrooms.
  • After the mushrooms are slightly cooked, drop five or six whole eggs in the pan, scattering them around so the yolks don’t touch. Slice up some cheddar cheese (I love Cabot’s extra sharp cheddar) and scatter some around as well.
  • Turn heat down to low and cover for a while (time depends on whether you want to eggs to be golden and runny or cooked to death until they taste like cardboard).
  • Serve with fresh tomato slices (red) and avocado (green).  Now you see why this is a Christmas recipe?
  • Final step: Serve it to the family and listen to the raves!

NOTE: This is an especially good recipe for your teenage daughter who just announced she has joined PETA and become a vegetarian. (Don’t worry, she’ll change her mind when she smells the Christmas T-Bones smoking on the grill later.)



Recipe 2: Oven-Blackened Salmon with Crisp Veggies

Oven-Blackened Salmon with Crisp VeggiesOk, guys–here’s a quick and easy recipe that even my little brother can make.  Of course, if he reads this, he’s going to have a few comments, but he tried out my Simply Awesome Extra Crunchy Fish Tacos and said they came out pretty good, so let’s see what he can do with this one . . .

First, get a baking dish and cover it with foil, or just use a foil dish like I’m using here.  The foil isn’t a must, but it sure makes it a heck of a lot easier to clean up later, which means more time to play my guitar or restring my bow or fiddle with my other favorite instrument, the Wife.  Yup, and she appreciates a few less minutes in the kitchen, and the extra attention, too, if you get my drift.



Anyway, turn the oven on really hot, say about 425 to 430 degrees.  Thrown a chunk of butter in the pan, along with some of your favorite herbs and spices–I tend to use Tony Cachere’s Cajun Seasoning, and recently found a new blend they call “Spice and Herbs” which works well for this dish.  Of course, I always sprinkle on a little extra garlic powder and some New Mexico red chili, but that’s up to you.  The point is to get the butter melted and bubbling, almost smoking, before you drop in the fish.

While the oven is heating up, chop up some crispy veggies, like carrots, celery, bell pepper, red (Bermuda) onion, etc.  I also like to put some thick slices of tomato on the plate, as it gives some nice color and also sooths the tongue from the heavily seasoned fish.

Remember that unless you are baking, or dealing with salt or hot peppers, the proportions and the shapes are not all that important.  For this dish, I like to cut the veggies into big enough slices and chunks that they can be enjoyed individually, but not so big that they need to be cut again before eating.

Alrighty then, now that you’ve got the veggies cut and the butter melted, pull the pan out of the oven (careful–it will be really hot and might be smoking a bit, so you might want to wear some even mitts and also turn off the fire alarm briefly, especially if you’ve got an ornery alarm like mine that starts beeping if I walk by it after going for a good hike around the ranch).

Drop the fish (cut in about fist-sized portions) into the pan, hold it away from you so it doesn’t splatter.  The idea here is to get the butter really hot, so you’re simulating a frying pan.

Cook it for about 5-7 minutes, then take it out, flip it over, and cook for about 4-5 more minutes.  Remember these times are just a guideline, as it all depends on how cold the fish was to start with, how thick it is cut, how well you like it cooked, etc.  If it’s not done quite enough, you can always put it back in the oven for a few more minutes.

When you’re ready to serve, place the salmon in the middle of the plate, then arrange the veggies around it, alternating the colors so it looks nice.  The women-folk appreciate that kind of stuff, and it might make up for whatever you did to get in the dog house earlier that day.

I like to serve this with some piping hot garlic bread, but you could also serve it over rice or some lightly buttered pasta–angel hair would be a good choice here.

Alrighty then, that’s about all there is to it; hope you enjoy this tasty treat!



Recipe 3: Kristen’s Extra Crunchy Fish Tacos

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Ok, guys—here’s a simple but great-tasting recipe that you can cook for a quiet evening at home with your honey, or for a houseful of guys watching the next big game.

One of my wife’s favorite dishes is fish tacos; whenever we go to a restaurant where they are served, I can count on her ordering them. Of course, this makes me happy because I usually get to taste some of hers. I rarely order them myself, though, because they are one food item that tastes great when done well, but terribly disappointing when done poorly. I have had some decent fish tacos, and I’ve had some terrible fish tacos. And when I say terrible, I mean awful.  Gross. Disgusting. Pick your adjective and fill in the blank.
Here is my version of fish tacos, which I hope you will agree does not live up to any of the previously mentioned negative descriptions. I call my recipe “Simply Awesome Extra Crunchy Fish Tacos.”

Try these delicious and easy to make fish tacos!

Here’s what you need to start with:


I’m too lazy to make fresh tortillas, but most store-bought tortillas taste like cardboard. A good alternative is to buy tortillas that are half-cooked, then cook them the rest of the way at home. They only take about 20-30 seconds per side, and the difference in taste is HUGE. Here is one brand I’ve found that is consistently good, and is sold in many of the major grocery chains: Guerrero® Tortillas de Harina Fresquiricas, Fajita.

Heat up a frying pan, cook up a few, then place them in the oven in a covered dish until ready to serve.

Fish (I like white, flaky fish, such as wild-caught cod or haddock)—about a half pound per Real Man, 1/4-1/3 pound per Real Woman)

  • First, make the batter–mix equal parts flour (I use a third each of white, wheat, and corn flour) and VERY cold water (you can also use seltzer water or beer—just make sure it’s very cold).
  • Cut fish into bite-sized chunks, dip into batter, drop into very hot oil
  • Fry until crispy, turn as needed
  • Now, here’s the trick to make it “extra crunchy”: pull each chuck of fish out of the pan (use tongs—it’s HOT!), dip it into the batter, then fry it again for a couple of minutes.  I learned this trick from a Chinese chef in San Francisco.  It works!
  • Drain cooked fish in colander or on absorbent cloth or paper

Lorenzo’s Poblano Fish Taco Sauce: While the fish is cooking, thinly slice the following items:

  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Poblano Pepper (banana peppers, jalapenos, etc. also work)
  • Fresh Basil
  • Mix the sliced veggies with some mayo (more or less to taste)

NOTE: I like adding a pinch or two of New Mexico Red or Green Chili powder to the mayo to give the sauce a little extra oomph.

Ok, that’s all there is to it…

layer the sauce on the tortillas, drop a few chuck of extra crunchy fish on each, and serve it up. Don’t forget to give thanks to the Lord for inventing fish (I always add an extra prayer of thanks for those who caught and cleaned them, as well).

Enjoy with your favorite wife and you favorite cold beverage!


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