Back in the Saddle!

Well, this has been an interesting winter (yes, I know it’s now spring).

In early January, I was down with the flu for about 3 weeks, then in early March, I came down with bronchitis.  I tried killing it off with chicken soup, fresh veggies and fruit, and herbal teas, but to no avail.  After losing my voice, then a couple of weeks of coughing fits, I finally gave in and went to the doctor. Three visits and 6 weeks from the start of it, the bronchitis finally went away, thanks to two rounds of antibiotics (that didn’t work, as we found out later it was viral, not bacterial), two different kinds of inhalers, five days of steroids, and lots and lots of sleep, it finally went away, just in time for our big event at the B@B Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico (see my next blog post for a cool video from the event!).

Anyway, thanks for being a loyal reader, and you can look forward to all kinds of great new recipes, videos, articles, and more coming soon.

Live well, eat well, and be happy!


Lawrence J. Clark: The Mountain Man Gourmet!








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