Green Chile Cornbread Instructions

Well howdy, fellow food lovers, and thanks for trying out my awesome MOUNTAIN MAN CORNBREAD MUFFINS! So here’s some stuff you’ll need: 1)  1 Packet MMG Gourmet Muffin Mix 2)  1 egg 3)  ¾ cup + 2 tablespoons milk 4) ½ cup vegetable oil Easy-Peasy Instructions: Heat oven to 400 degrees Grease bottoms of 12 […]

16 Essential Spices to Jazz up Your Cooking

Even though most spices are not as exotic, rare, or expensive as they were hundreds of years ago, they are still a considerable investment and one most home cooks want to get the most from. They are best when at their freshest and can enhance many of your favorite dishes. Choosing the most versatile spices […]

Green Chile Apple/Banana Bread

Try this yummy creation with a dash of New Mexico Green Chile for some added zip—also, the natural sweetness from the bananas and the apple sauce allow you to use 50% less sugar than normal! Ingredients: 4 ripe bananas (the riper the better) 1/2 cup of sugar ¾ cup of applesauce 2 eggs 2 cups […]

An Ode to Picky Eaters: Or, Does Eating Your Food in a Certain Order Make a Difference?

Here’s something fascinating: did you know the order of what you eat during each meal can actually make a difference? It changes everything, from how full you get and how quickly you get full, to how satiated you feel after your meal. This is great news for anyone who tends to overeat, eat mindlessly, or […]

A Few Thoughts on Comfort Foods and Healthy Living

Without a doubt, there’s nothing more comforting than a nice hot meal on a cold winter’s day. Unfortunately, what many of us consider to be comfort foods aren’t always as healthy as we might assume. Many comfort foods are high in simple carbohydrates, such as white flour and sugar, instead of healthier complex carbohydrates like […]

Brenda’s Perfect Brittle at the New Mexico Gun, Sword, and Knife Collectors Show!

One of the things I love about promoting our Mountain Man Gourmet products at shows and festivals is the opportunity to meet and sample goodies from some of the other vendors. Last week, while we were at the New Mexico Gun, Sword, and Knife Collectors Show, Brenda from Brenda’s Perfect Brittle (yup, live and in […]

Green Chile Festivals, Cooking Tips, Starting an Herb Garden, Hurricane Harvey

Wow, can you believe it’s September already? Hope you’ve had a great summer (there’s actually still three weeks left, so there’s still time to do something fun). We’ve had a great time this month giving out free samples of our spice concoctions at several events in the Albuquerque and Eat Mountains areas, and raising money […]

Our Shopify Store is Now Open–Place Your Orders Now!

Wow, it’s been quite a ride trying to get my spice blends, soup and dip mixes, organic spices, etc. online so that folks can order them without having to drive or fly to New Mexico, but that day has finally arrived! Here are a couple of screen shots from the site, which you can find […]