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Ok, so it’s Christmas morning–you wake up early, the kids are tearing through the wrapping paper, everybody’s havin’ a good ole time, but then your stomach starts to grumble.

What to do?

Shop at!

Well, I guess you could, but even with one-day shipping the whole clan would be clamoring for their breakfast way before it got there.

And you don’t want to ask your wife to cook something, because since you were such a cheapskate on her presents last year you’re trying to be extra nice this morning to make up for it.

Pancakes? Frozen waffles?

Naw . . . this is a special day, and you need to make something festive and decorative for the occasion.

I know–how about cooking up a batch of Mountain Man Gourmet’s Christmas Skillet Breakfast?

Click here to get your free copy of this quick and easy recipe!

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