Mountain Man News, August 2023

Here is some news for you!

Dear Friends,

Well, I know it’s been a while, but I wanted to send you a quick update with some important news about upcoming events, as well as some extra special overstock discounts.

To make a long story short, the week after the Fiery Foods Show in March I had some pretty major reconstructive surgery on my left shoulder, as well as a repair of my biceps tendon which kept popping out of place (OWEEEE!).  The only way to repair the tendon was to slice off the top portion, then sew the remaining piece onto the bone.  If you can imagine, that was not a whole lot of fun, but necessary if I wanted to continue using my left arm and shoulder, which comes in pretty handy while I’m cooking, playing guitar, etc. 

A few weeks after the surgery, Kristen and I flew to Maine to see my dad, who after an eight-year battle with prostate cancer, was on his way out of this world and away from all the pain and suffering.  We arrived on a Saturday and were able to sit with him for a few hours, then sometime in the middle of the night he went to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  His strong faith was evident in the way he handled the whole situation, right up to the end, and the next week we held a beautiful Celebration of Life ceremony in which neighbors, former students and co-workers, and family members paid tribute to a man whose 22 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, strong work ethic, and indomitable faith were an inspiration to many over his 85 years on this planet.  I can imagine him now dancing around with a fishing pole in one hand and a hymnal in the other, singing his favorite songs of praise to the Lord all while dangling a freshly caught Brook trout from the line!  Rest in peace, Dad.

Anyway, after that I spent several weeks helping my Mom clean out her house and get it ready so she could get the best price possible and move into a smaller and newer home (their house was built in 1836, and they had lived there for 48 years!).  Since I was still supposed to be wearing a sling on my left arm, and was on a 5-pound weight restriction, I did most everything one-handed, but thankfully had some help from the two teenagers who live next door and were willing to help out for a bit of extra cash. 

Because of all of this, I had to cancel all events for this spring and summer, so if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen me lately, that’s why.

The good news is my shoulder is healing up, and Vicki and Don kept busy for several weeks this summer at the Mixing Bowl Kitchen mixing spices and packaging more products even while I was at home recuperating.  We now have a pretty full stock of almost everything, and are looking for a fun and exciting fall and Christmas season.

One thing that is in your favor, though, is that we also have an overstock of recent or soon-to-be expired items we had intended to sell in the spring and summer shows.  As you probably know, spices don’t actually expire; they just start losing flavor over time, so you can still use them for at least a year or two after the “best by” date.  I think my mother still has spices in her cabinet from when I was in high school, although I wouldn’t recommend waiting that long to use them!

Anyway, when you order any of the following items from our website, in the next two weeks, you will receive one extra bottle or packet for each one you buy.  No need to mention that when you order, we will automatically place the items in your package.  For example, if you buy one bottle of Go-Go Green Chile Spice Blend or Rowdy Red Chile Spice Blend (our two most popular flavors!) you’ll get one free to use or give away to a friend or family member, or donate to your local food bank.  Such a deal, eh?

Items that qualify for the “buy one, get one free” offer are:

  • Go-Go Green Chile Spice Blend
  • Rowdy Red Chile Spice Blend
  • Mountain Man Gourmet Original Muffin Mix
  • New Mexico Christmas Dip Mix
  • Hatch Green Chile Dip Mix
  • Crazy Cajun Rice Mix
  • Hatch Green Chile Chicken Wing Spice
  • 100% Pure Hatch Red Chile Powder
  • 100% Pure Hatch Green Chile Powder
  • Gourmet Spiced Peanuts with Green Chile
  • Gourmet Spiced Peanuts with Habanero- Extra Hot!
  • Hatch Red Chile Cheeseburger Mix
  • Hatch Green Chile Soup with Rice (lg)
  • Assorted Soup Mixes (buy any soup mix and get one extra from our stock – may be a different flavor)
  • Mountain Man Gourmet Steak Rub

In addition, I’m also extending our 20% off first time order discount to EVERYONE, even if you’ve already used this code before (you can use it up to three times). That’s right, 20% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER, including spice blends, dry rubs, dip and soup and rice and mac & cheese mixes, and even our beautiful gift boxes!

Just click here:

and use the code ILOVEGREENCHILE when you are checking out.

Also, if you are planning to attend any of our upcoming live events, simply show me this email and I’ll take 20% off your order right there, on top of any show discounts, so you could save BIG TIME on gifts for friends and family, as well as stock up your own pantry with your favorite Mountain Man Gourmet spices and food items!

Here’s where you can find us in person this fall:

September 7-17

New Mexico Country Store at the New Mexico State Fair

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA), in cooperation with Taste NM, will unveil the 2023 New Mexico Country Store at the New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque September 7– 17. The store will highlight and promote New Mexico food and agricultural products. We won’t be there in person the whole time, but our products will be on the shelves, and we may be present a couple of times to give out samples.  I’ll let you know which dates when we find out ourselves.

Oct 6-8, 12-15

33rd Annual Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival: Balloon Fiesta Show (held in the BIG WHITE TENT at Sandia Resort and Casino).

Amazing Art, Culinary Treats, Live Music, and Food Trucks – spend the whole day (or one or two or three) and enjoy this great show that Ruth, Liz, and the rest of the crew work so hard on all year long!

We’ll be there BOTH weekends: Oct 6-8, AND Oct 12-15!

Nov 18-19

New Mexico HomeGrown Food Show & Gift Market, held at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum in Las Cruces

This ninth-annual, two-day event showcases the food grown in New Mexico. We’ll be among 60 vendors from around the state exhibiting our products and gift boxes as the gift-giving season approaches. The Museum partners with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture for this popular event.

November 24-26

23rd Annual Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival: Holiday Show (held at the Expo New Mexico Manual Lujan Building in Albuquerque).

Even more Amazing Art, Culinary Treats, and Live Music.  This is your chance to expand your collection through juried exhibits, find Christmas and Holiday gifts for all your loved ones, and revel in the Holiday spirit!

Dec 9-10

10th Annual Albuquerque Railyards Holiday Market

The famous Holiday Market at the Rail Yards turns 10 years old! Keep it local and SAFE for the Holidays, and enjoy the best of Burque’s local small businesses IN-PERSON at the Rail Yards in Albuquerque. Vendors of made-from-scratch delicious food and quality handmade crafts will convene to indulge Albuquerque’s locavorian and giving spirit this year for the 10th annual Holiday Market.

The event brings food, art, and music together for the Holidays. Sample New Mexico’s finest cuisine, peruse all the local gifts, and give back to your community at the Donation Station.


Ok, that’s all the events we’ll be attending through the end of the year.  We may add some other dates as they come available, so I’ll send updates as we book them, but if you’re wondering where to find us, or have ANY questions at all, feel free to reply to this email account – I answer all emails personally!

Thanks again for your support of our small, local, New Mexico family business. You not only help us to continue and grow, but also help us to help others through food donations to first responders and local food banks, as well as educational materials, cooking classes, etc. in our local communities.

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. In the meantime, be sure to Live Well, Eat Well, and BE HAPPY!


p.s. Remember, to get your 20% discount, simply enter the code ILOVEGREENCHILE when checking out. Click the link below to order!

p.p.s.  Q: Why do people think Chefs are mean? 

A: They are always beating eggs.

Ok, I heard you groan, so here’s another one . . .

Q: Which item on the table makes you sleepy?

A: The NAP-kin.

Ok, I’m done.  Really . .  .     🙂

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