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New Mexican Coffee by LJ Clark, the Mountain Man Gourmet

Looking for a hot pick-me-up for a cool Autumn or Winter afternoon?  Here’s my version of those fancy coffees they charge you eight bucks for at the restaurant.  That’s if you’re lucky enough to live near a restaurant that would even serve them.

This recipe is super-simple, and is guaranteed to get you “oohs” and “ahhs” or maybe some “ughs” and “yups,” depending on the variety of your house guests at the time.

First, make some coffee, and the stronger the better.  If you have one of those new-fangled cappucino machines, make yourself a shot or two.

Then boil some water on the stove–really boil it, and don’t just heat it up in the microwave, as it makes as humongous difference in the flavor.

Then heat up a mixture of 2 parts milk to 1 part vanilla ice cream–I like Breyers Natural Vanilla.

While the coffee is brewing, pour about 1/3 cup BOILING water into a big mug.  Stir in two teaspoons of powdered hot chocolate mix, sprinkle in some cinnamon and powdered New Mexico Green or Red Chile to taste (Cayenne will work in a pinch, as I used in the version pictured here)  then stir it up real good.

Fill the rest with the hot milk/ice cream mixture and fresh, steaming hot coffee.

NOTE TO REAL MEN: If you are really adventurous, or really ugly and wanting to look better in your Real Woman’s eyes, pour in a shot of tequila, vodka, coffee liqueur, or brandy.

Sit back and ENJOY!


Lawrence J. (LJ) Clark
Your Friendly Neighborhood Mountain Man Gourmet

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