Lawrence Clark, Mountain Man Gourmet, cooking in style, real men can cook, who says men can't cook, mountain living, mountain cooking, great recipees for men, manly cooking, manly recipes, great recipes, fish tacosOk, guys—here’s a simple but great-tasting recipe that you can cook for a quiet evening at home with your honey, or for a houseful of guys watching the next big game.

One of my wife’s favorite dishes is fish tacos; whenever we go to a restaurant where they are served, I can count on her ordering them. Of course, this makes me happy because I usually get to taste some of hers. I rarely order them myself, though, because they are one food item that tastes great when done well, but terribly disappointing when done poorly. I have had some decent fish tacos, and I’ve had some terrible fish tacos. And when I say terrible, I mean awful.  Gross. Disgusting. Pick your adjective and fill in the blank.
Here is my version of fish tacos, which I hope you will agree does not live up to any of the previously mentioned negative descriptions. I call my recipe “Simply Awesome Extra Crunchy Fish Tacos.”

Try these delicious and easy to make fish tacos!

Here’s what you need to start with:


I’m too lazy to make fresh tortillas, but most store-bought tortillas taste like cardboard. A good alternative is to buy tortillas that are half-cooked, then cook them the rest of the way at home. They only take about 20-30 seconds per side, and the difference in taste is HUGE. Here is one brand I’ve found that is consistently good, and is sold in many of the major grocery chains: Guerrero® Tortillas de Harina Fresquiricas, Fajita.

Heat up a frying pan, cook up a few, then place them in the oven in a covered dish until ready to serve.

Fish (I like white, flaky fish, such as Cod or Haddock)—about a half pound per person

  • First, make the batter . . .

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